Toshiba Opart MRI System

The Toshiba Opart MRI System combines superconducting performance with the advantages of open MR. This MRI system uses advanced technology features that provide unparallel image quality and ease of use so that fast and accurate results can be sped to the point of care for your patients.The Toshiba Opart has an open architecture for all-around patient access. The Opart serves the immediate needs of patients that may be large or claustrophobic that are unable to undergo exams in closed, tunnel like high-field MRI systems.

The Opart MRI system combines the economic advantages of open design with superconducting image quality and applications to maximize asset utilization for your clinic. The Toshiba Opart uses a cryogenless magnet design with the best mechanical stability and operating cost savings. It provides a range of coils for head-to-toe imaging capabilities. The Opart also features innovative technologies such as digital RP, high speed gradients and a broad range of optimized RF coils which support advanced MRI applications. 

Toshiba Opart Product Description

  • Large vertical opening for maximum space between patient and magnet
  • Long horizontal opening for claustrophobic and large patients
  • Easy and precise patient positioning

Clinical Applications

  • MR Cholangio-Pancreatography
  • MR Myelography
  • MR Urography

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